All-in-One-Zoom lens

One of the most popular lenses for Nikon and Canon are the one with 18 mm – 200 mm, because you can use them for everything. The lens offers a wide-angle up to a telephoto without changing the lens. Maybe one of the best reasons to use them is that this kind of lens is compact, light and relative economical in comparison to zoom lenses with a smaller focal length. These lenses are ideal for travel photography (where you don’t want to carry a weighty camera bag) or just landscape scenes. I own this lens by myself and i really like it.

In some online forums people complain about that the lens isn’t getting sharp. Do not mislead yourself based on this statement. If you have this lens with you while you are on a travel trip you can’t say any longer >>Damn, I missed the Canon_EF-S_18-200mm_lensphotography because I don’t have the right lens with me!<<. That time will be over if you don’t have the all-in-one-zoom lens with you.

Maybe it is a thing of trying but from time to time you will love your all in one zoom more.

I take this kind of lens if I’m taking pictures… 

… while I’m traveling

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