Prime lens vs. zoom lens

About the right lens you can discuss a lot and in the internet are millions of people with their opinion about the right lens. And these people discuss about their preferences and dislikes for it. One big controversy which boiled up is prime lens or zoom lens. I guess you can ask many professional photographers and all of them have different views and preferences
for the two lens.Canon_EF-S_18-135mm_IS

There are two people one who swears to prime lenses (a lens which doesn’t zoom, this lens have a fixed focal length) because they are sharper as zoom lenses. I guess that it was maybe was the case and zoom lenses were not that qualitative like prime lenses but that was in the past.

I personally think that it is not the case today because these days there exists many good qualitative zoom lenses. Possible that is not every zoom lens qualitative well but most of them have a good quality one with f/2.8 is potentially a good one. I think it is not visible to the naked eye even for professional photographer to see the difference between prime lens pictures and zoom lens pictures – maybe a handful of OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAphotographers will see it but I guess that’s just due to the conception. In fact there is no difference between prime lens and zoom lens.
I own three prime lenses and they achieves their jobs for the right moments like my zoom lenses. That is nothing that should be discus about. It is just a lens it is not politics.

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