Low cost body and expensive lens

Well my daily work equipment is a Canon 70D, why? Well, I had the Canon 5D Mark II. In fairness to you I should say I loved my 5D but I was at some point to change. The noise of the 70D is bigger yes b1ut the pictures are keen. I would love the camera more if it had GPS and full-format but it is a good thing. In almost 20 years of taking photos I collected a lot of lenses. Expensive lenses and cheap lenses and all of them are good for the thing you need them. No the cheap lenses aren’t working very well. You will see they doesn’t get the keen you need in pictures. My mother said all the time >>Son why are you spending so much money for a lens?<< The answer is: A good lens is more keen and I can use it if I don’t change the system (I did it but just one time from Yashica to Canon) . That’s a fact, one of my most expensive lenses are is that well that I can work with a thousand or hundred series of canon (consumer and beginners level)  and make good pictures. Of course if you are going to say well that could works the other way around. Like a Canon EOS 5D MARK III
and a cheap lens – NAW! It will work but the results are worse you may have not the noise but the keen is somewhere but not in your picture. One of the funniest (maybe artistic waste) pictures of my (good quality for what it made out) are taken by my iPhone. The quality for zoom is bad the noise is awful but in resolution of 100% it is good and its working… You need acamera and a lens that fitted to your requirements and skills not a camera that just fitted to your wallet (in both way). I saw so many people walking around with high camera models and low lenses that I feel that bad to write my one view on that thing.

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