Macro lens

Dandelion-macro_-_Virginia_-_ForestWander>>When shall I take a macro lens? << If it’s the question you are asking yourself, you maybe should read it. The macro lens is for pictures if you want to go into the scene – really near. You all know these big pictures of Bees, Flowers or ladybirds? Real macro lenses just can do macro pictures, but this they do well.

Macro lenses having an incredibly depth of field – such short that you can take a picture of a flower, with the sharp focus on the petal in front and the background out of focus, like you almost can’t adumbrate what it is in background. I really love this short depth of field on macro lenses – but it is also a kind of a challenge, if you try to get more points of the picture in the focal point ( You can try it maybe with a f/22 to get more things in the focal point – try it in landscape format)

Every movement or shock gets you a picture that is out of focus. Therefore it’s necessary to use a tripod (if the environment hand it over) and a remote-control release. You set up the camera and the lens and for releasing the camera you don’t have to put your hands on it (it’s preventing camera shakes).Scatophaga_stercoraria_macro_Luc_Viatour

You can also try macro photography with your tele zoom or what you have at your fingertips but I tell you, you are going to see the difference between a macro lens and some other lens. If you don’t believe just go to the next photo equipment shop and ask for testing a macro lens generally they let you try it out for a few pictures. It’s could be a new passion of you taking macro pictures…

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