Review Lightroom 6

Basically you can say Lightroom (LR) professional software for:

  • viewing
  • catalogue index management
  • word and geo tagging
  • a small image processing.
  • export and import of media files (images)
  • image search

Do you need it? Well it is the same question like with all things you can own, you should still know if it is software for you. I really like LR because it is a good thing for handling all the pictures. I know that I don’t use every little option in the software in a large part I use it. For the new version Adboe LR requires minimal: Windows 7, 8, 8.1 und Mac OS Ⅹ ab 10.8

66483a08573f0c4eWhat changed in the update LR5 to LR6?

  • creation of HDR-pictures
  • creation of super wide-panorama-pictures
  • better performance
  • face detecting
  • creation of video-shows with fixed-images, music and effects
  • creation web galleries based on HTML5
  • controlled use of the filter
  • two edition LR6 and LR CC – LR CC is cloud based (monthly payment)

Is it worth to upgrade?

The face detecting is a very interesting innovation for Lightroom to search for people faster and more efficient. At this point we shouldn’t forget to note that it is just working in the separated catalogue. For example you have one catalogue called Box1 and a second catalogue called Box2 – LR isn’t sharing the face detections from Box1 with Box2. If you want to have the face detection of Box1 and Box2 in one catalogue then you have to import the Box2 in Box1 or the other way around (By the way the same problem we had with photo tags in earlier editions). For me it isn’t looking like a fault or bug because who knows LR for a long time also knows how it works and it can support you a lot. I’m really looking forward to sort my pictures faster in according to people or geo tags.

The creation of video-shows isn’t an application of the new version I will use. Though I think it could be a funny application for creating a creative gift.

Well I am not using a 27″ screen with my MBP (MacBook Pro) is connected to a 23″ Full-HD-Screen. Do I really need the feature of wide-panorama-picture? I think I should buy a 27″ screen for this – naw maybe it can works very well but the main problem will be, users with a slow graphic board will have disadvantages because the processing power (which is needed to use some function not specially the wide-panorama-pictures) is maybe to slow. As a result the work with some new features will make no fun.

I’m looking forward for the better base performance of LR6 or LR CC, at moment it can suck sometimes (well I still work with a updated Lightroom 3 version for me everything newer than LR4 is a milestone) – it is not many times that you see and feel that the performance isn’t as well as you need it though in some moments you just want to push the MBP out of the window (by the way I also have LR on a windows computer and the performance is more worse than on a MBP – it is a fact). I hope that the performance problems will be solved.

Yes I think for people who need a big part of the new features of LR they should buy or rent the new Lightroom. Get one new Lightroom it will get you so much fun and more time you can spend with other things than sorting pictures in the old days.

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