Lens baby

I think this kind of a lens makes you addicted to it. I know many other photographers who own a lens baby and they didn’t wanted to change it. They take all kind of pictures with it started with a dinner party to the point of a space shuttle start because this lens (you just focus and adjust with your fingers) makes addicted.

Lensbaby-composerLens baby make sure that a small part of the picture will be keen and in focus, while the rest part of the picture will be out of focus. This will produce energetic  and interesting pictures. The look of the pictures is just one thing – i think that really great one about babylenses are that you have to adjust the lens by yourself, like you draw the scene instead of just taking a picture.

This is a very creative lens, you can do you much with it. By the way do I told you that I love this lens?

I take this lens to take photographs… 

which are really creative.

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