Film Speed

The automatic film speed control can be very comfortable but is not always optimal. If the available light is low, the camera rise the film speed automatic up or you take a higher film speed if you notice that you make blurred images. Below to points of quality isn’t the automatic film speed set up the right choice.

The pictures will be coarse alike a photographic film with high film speed, the higher film speed at digital cameras will lead to higher shares in dark currents on the total signal that caused a disruptive noise in the images. You especially see this result of high film speed on monochrome spaces I nthe image. The physical basic noise will be increased according to the electronic boost of the usable signal. You will not recognize this phenomenon while using a DSLR as strong as while using a compact digital camera.

Use the natural (available) light to get a shorter shutter speed. One of the main reasons to choose a higher film speed for photographers will be to transport the vibe. Doubled film spend means half shutter speed, quad film speed means just a four times shorter shutter speed – just if the program automatic do not chance the diaphragm. The program automatic opens the diaphragm as wide as possible at bad lighting conditions is the dangerous of overexposed images very low. If you are going to set up the film speed at daylight, in begin you should set up the value of the diaphragm. Which exposure time is still possible, without making visible images blurred is controlled by the focal length and the distance to the motive. If you are not sure which ISO-value and shutter speed you have to set up   you can use the rule of thumb >>longest shutter speed = 1/focal length<<.

While using a focal length of 85mm on a DSLR, is it recommended because of the effective focal length extension (Factor 1.5 to 2) to take better 1/125s than 1/60s. If your lenses have stabilization you can use this to extend the time of the shutter speed.

The automatic setting >>high ISO/high film speed<< in new compact cameras will sold as image stabilization many times. The smaller exposure time, which shelter to in-motion unsharpness is used by the fact of high film speed. If you don’t want the stylistic device of in-motion unsharpness you just can get some support of a shorter shutter speed. The optical image stabilization isn’t useful in this case. If you are using a DSLR you can’t use an automatic film speed based on the distance and the speed of the motive. In this case you have to set up the film speed by yourself.

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