Lightroom: Use default settings 5 Tips 1/2

Change up to 17 image values with on clik – the comfortable default settings in Lightroom makes it possible. Lets see how the 1 click default settings works and how to set up your own 1-click-default-settings.

Step 1 – Appliance

Very Important to work with Lightroom are the guidelines of developing for complex corrections of contrast. It depends the guidelines in Lightroom how many values will be adjust (f.e. contrast, chroma and exposure) but also focusing, perspective default or decreasing of noise.

Change just in the developing mode, open on the left the control panel >>default<< and use section like >>general defaults<<, >>effect defaults<< or  >>color defaults<<. Click on a default like middle contrast level, rounded edges or cross developing – your picture is changing already.

All of your interventions are without any loss. You can optimize the result with the regulator on the right side.

Tip: The default >>zero value<< will rest your picture.

Step 2 – Preview

You can test a default before the final use. You just have to open the >>navigator<< on up to the left in the window. This control panel shows you the full image.

Now you are going to open divers default options for example color and effect. Well you hold the cursor over a default like >>old image<< you already see the effect in the preview. You can see what individual defaults can achieve you on the chosen picture, for example for the many black-and-white versions in the folder >>black and white<<.

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