Image retouch with Photoshop Elements 13

The new Photoshop Elements 13 delivers a better retouch: Also larger image noises vanish without a great effort, the automatic retouch works perfect.

Step 1 – Selection

First of all you have to select one or more areas in your image which should disappear. Click in Photoshop on the lasso (f.e. set up 4 pixel soft edges). Draw the lasso about the areas you want to change/disappear. Take care that your selection is around the whole part you want to vanish.

Is the selection to tight you just can draw it back while you hold the >>Alt<< key. You also can tight up the selection with the new >>selection-improvement-brush<< this tool isn’t that smooth like the lasso. Choose >>edit, fill selection<< with the option >>quick content<< – the selected area will be disappear almost without a trace.

Tip: In Photoshop CC you select >>edit, fill selection<< with the option >>content based<>color adjustment<< a n innovation (June 2014).

Step 2 – Refine

Still see disturbing colored stains or traces? First of all you have to remove the existing selection with CMD + D (Windows: Strg + D). After that you have to switch to the >>area repair brush<< with smooth edges and the set up >>content based<

Tip: You can withdraw the action and try it again – sometimes the result will be better. You can slide the selection or deform or you can just change the grading.

Step 3 – Tight conditions

If you have to areas which are tight together on the image you just can try to take a tighter selection. This is sometimes really annoying because you may have to repeat the selection with the lasso tool until you have the right selected area.

Step 4 – New level

If you have still selected booth areas with your lasso you can deselect one of your areas. Press CMD + J (Windows: Strg + J) to put you selection on a new level. Now you can select you area more tight.

Step 5 – Result

Use again >>edit, fill selection<< with >>quick content<

Tip: to remove small noises in the image you just can take the tool >>area repair brush<< or the >>repair brush<< with the option >>content based<

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