Waiting for it

Well honestly I thought about buying the Canon OES 6D because it is a full frame camera! That is the reason for buying it well and the reasons for using the wide full spectrum of the photography world again.

My Canon 70D after a shutter count of 85.486 counts after 19-20 months. Sometimes it is time for a new one. I really love the Canon EOS 6D but than I read something about the new 7D Mk. II. Well first I got in my mind it is no full-frame, but than the facts:

  • 65 point cross-type-AF
  • GPS
  • HDR
  • 150,000 px metering sensor
  • Dual DiGic 6
  • 10 frams per sec
  • Cf + SD slot
  • Dual pixel cmos AF
  • dual-axis electric level
  • comprative playback function
  • multiple exposure

Well a lot of facts that made me to think about to stay at APS-C camera and I do. I hope I don’t will not repent this purchase.

Now I am still waiting for my new Canon EOS 7D Mk. II… I guess the next days I will not post a lot because of testing my new DSLR… I am sorry for it in advance. 

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