Review – Amazon Basic 62-inch Tripod

Well I ordered the Amazon Basic 62-Inch Aluminum Ball Head Tripodbecause I lent my SIRUI T2204 Traveler Carbon tripod and needed shortly a tripod on the weekend. Well I don’t want to spend a lot of money because I own a very good tripod. If we are going to check the Amazon tripod it’s worth every penny you can spend on it. For someone who doesn’t want to spend a lot of money it is maybe the right tripod.

The tripod has a good surface feel and handling also it looks good. It seem to be valued for the price I think for similar tripod you have to spend at least $190.00.

I tested the tripod with two Cameras and two lenses it were weight about circa 1,400 gram up to 1,600 gram. I thought it wouldn’t fix the camera well, but it hold it fix.

Honestly it has a lot of negative points you should notice before you buy it:

  1. It smells, the rubber on the screws and feet are smelling heavy
  2. The lock of the tripod legs has just two level it is a little bit less
  3. If you pull out the center pillar it is hark a lot.
  4. If you want to fix the panorama board or the ball head it will differ to the position you prefer.
  5. The water-level of the tripd you also could forget and save money, because if you want to put your DSLR in scale you need a lot of time. I tried it with the intern water-level and a water-level hotshoe and for ONE picture it tooks 30 min. Well nothing for someone whos in a hurry 😉
  6. If there is any movement (steps or using the camera) the work of getting it in scale is past. It depends on the missing absorption of the ball head and center pillar. That can be very annoying specially at night shoots.
  7. The set screw for the quick release isn’t really high quality like the buttons at the leg lock.


Well I can’t compare the tripod to my SIRUI because the price of the SIRUI is up to €400.00 that is ten times more than the Amazon one. The amazon on is one cheap but good tripod you can use if you don’t care about the smell of chemicals should buy it. For me it is not a good tripod but this depends on my usage not about the tripod in generally. People who are professional photographers will not be satisfied with this one maybe it could be a backup for them but not more. The worst about the tripod is the smell but I would buy it if I need an easy good quality tripod for under $100.00 and its worth more. The tripods you can compare to this one has the same pro’s and contras like the amazon. So save money and buy the amazon one if you don’t need a professional ball head tripod.

IMG_7194 IMG_7195 IMG_7197 IMG_7198

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