Review: Tamron SP 17-50mm F/2.8 Di II XR VC LD Aspherical IF Canon

I used Tamron for many years and I still do. Good quality and a good price. After my Canon 17-55 mm f/2.8 IS USM got broken by falling down. I needed a new lens. After checking different tests I decided to go for the Tamron.

Note: This is just the impression I had with one of thousands of lenses of this type. This is not a review of the type just of this specified lens and this just depends on my own experience of this lens. If you want a test of it. Probably go to DXOmark or some other pages. 

My last Tamron was still made in Japan. What I got now was made in China; and honestly I felt how the quality of a SP lens changed. It is still a high quality but not so much than back in the days. It’s almost just plastic with the metal barrel.  I really can’t criticize the sharpness (pretty sharp), Vignetting quite a bit (normal) and the distortion? Same also okay and nothing to criticize. Well, I have a few things which I really don’t like on this lens. First of all it’s the VC; it’s quite loud, well my Canon 100mm L macro is loud too but it is quite annoying. Furthermore I had a copy which got me a back focus. A backfocus or frontfocus is not so bad; it can happen and it was in the acceptable range. Indeed the autofocus was slow, and not slow like sometimes autofocus is slow it was really slow. I mounted the lens on a tripod and meassured over all focal lengths and from infinity to near and back diffrent distances. It was performing very bad compared to a really old Tamron (20 years old). The new lens was about double times slower than the old one; never mind if VC was on or off. This was the knock out for me for this lens. I know there can be sometimes variations but this was quite not acceptable. I was manual focusing on the same speed as the autofocus of my copy.

In despite of my experience I recommend this lens to you; because it’s a good build and good performing lens which you should really use. If you have problems with your new lens probably try a new one – every man has a bad day also a lens. If the problem still exists; it also can be the manufacture variation of the camera which produce not such a sharp image, front or back focus. It is not always the third-party lens manufacture guilty 😉 Btw I had similar problems with Canon L lenses. It can happen; so what? Go to a retailer and ask to try the lens you want to buy and they will support you most times to get one without a bloody expensive check if they know “what’s customer service”.

Did you made any bad experience with a lens? Write a comment below.

Stay tuned.