Well done Facebook

This is quite stupid. I am sorry for this words but, indeed it is.

I use Facebook for several years without any problems. Of Course there were people which flag you (But who doesn’t made that experience?).

Last week, Facebook let me notice I have to update my name because it is not my Name or it is violating the terms & conditions of Facebook. Well it was my first name and my family name (abbreviated). I used this for a long long time. I don’t need Facebook just only for contacting people also for my political work and study.


I could upload my passport or id-card, but honestly Facebook – you going to suck! How many GB of data do you still want? All? I will not upload my passport or id-card. Why?

We share so many personal data (meant or unmeant), in the past our parents go to demonstrations to protect the data privacy law; and we are going to kick their a**, because we want to be “everywhere”. I would upload the id-card or the passport of mine if Facebook would be a serious company which protects the right of privacy. Facebook is not protecting, Facebook is not what Facebook has to be. Facebook develop from a social media platform like Myspace (its quiet different) to a data kraken.I will not support it any longer, not because I don’t like it, but Facebook went to be horrible. I just see what Facebook wants me to see!

I guess there are more people like me who out there and they think the same way! If Facebook doesn’t want me, I don’t need Facebook any more!

Good bye Facebook – Well done!


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