What do you think?

It’s been a while, since my last photography blog/post. Had a lot of trouble with life. My main work and my study was quiet buy and the political work too.

I still working part time on my photographs but what changed. Well my Project “Bodies of Gen Y” is at moment deadlocked. There a a bunch of people who want to participate and I met up with a lot of them and we contacted but as I had not so much time, we postpone we work on this project to may 2017. Hopefully, the project will be done until August 2017.I’m quiet cocksure that the project meet the deadline. On my travels for client photo shootings I came up with something of Landscape/Cityscape thing. Two project at one time are really not a good idea….

Furthermore, I will leave Deutsche in February so I can focus on some more photography work. One of my clients is changing the business homepage and the industry/business photographs have to be done soon. Thats quiet a lot of work, because I have to visit the business mutual times. It can not be done in one day, that sucks a little bit. Even it is rich in variety portraits, architecture and product photography. It’s good to know then one thing ends, you have something which pays your bills. Furthermore, there are two local retailers who invent their online shops in spring 2017 and it’s a lot of work to do. I can’t bewail insufficient of work.  Has to been done until yesterday – it feels like that. I’m going to bring the blog back into use. Guess more learnings and teachings as this blog stuff?

Like in the past more technical and information about photography or more blog? What do you think?

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