Review – Manfrotto Tripod MT190XPRO4

I use on my travels the MT055XPRO3; which is quiet huge and heavy compared to travel tripods. I thought well let’s get something small and handy. I bought the MT190XPRO4 because of its size… The weight of the MT055XPRO3 is for some people too much to carry around and, well it is but you do not need to carry the whole day a tripod. I go on some trips this year Schottland, South Spain etc. I got cheap flights which means I have to watch for my luggage weight. On Photokina in September I also visited the Gitzo and Manfrotto stands; after I didn’t wanted to spend almost € 900,00 for a Gitzo tripod, I decided to go with a small one of Manfrotto. I choose the MT190XPRO4.


The MT190XPRO4 is really nice of its size, build quality is good too but honestly thats it. It is stable, but don’t set it up on a bridge or some underground which will minimalistic shakes if someone walks over or cars drives by. You get what you pay for! I really love the quality of Manfrotto and the Customer Service is great! It is a shame that the MT190XPRO4 cost as much as the  MT055XPRO3 on Amazon-Germany but it’s offering you less stabilization! If the MT190XPRO4 would be stable as the MT055 in the actual size it would be perfect!

Pros :

  • + 3 Fasteners for each leg
  • + Weight
  • + Size
  • +Build Quality


  • – Steadiness
  • – Price efficiency compared to the MT055XPRO3
Less Cons than Pros; but for me just count one criteria a lot steadiness. You can do good Landscapes with the MT190XPRO4 but low light will be quiet tricky because it is not a MT055-Series one. If the steadiness of the tripod would be given as f. e. with the 055-Series I had no problem with the Price efficiency 😉 

That was the short part for the people who hate reading! 😉

First of all, the MT190XPRO4 has a height of  19.29 inch  (49 cm)  if it is closed. That is a really practical size to carry around and travel with also the weight of 72.3 oz (2’050 gram) is not quiet heavy. The height column down is about 53.15 inch (135 cm) and with the column up about 62.99 in ( 160 cm). By the way, the height and wight differs related to the head you are using with the tripod!

Well it is quiet good for most of us probably but if you used something much more heavier than you expect almost the same. There’s one thing that bothers me quiet a lot. I use the MH054M0-Q5 ballhead which is (recorded to Manfrotto) the optimal ball head for the MT190CXPRO-Series (Carbon), well is that really so much more stable than the MT190XPRO-Series? I think this ball head is better placed on the MT055-Series than on the MT190-Series. It works much smoother on the 055-Series. Furthermore, I do not have to run for serval minutes until the level of the camera is leveled correctly. Steadiness is quiet an important criteria of a good tripod .If you notice that you shouldn’t use all leg-sections and don’t cart the 90° column out to the top (62.99 inch), than I would highly recommend the tripod. For those who go a step further and beyond it’s probally not the tripod you are looking for. For these people Manfrotto supplies the MT055-Series (Aluminium and Carbon).  I will send it back and save a few Euros and avoid to spend twice money and get the MT055CXPRO4 as soon as possible.




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