Hello my new friend! I am Phillip from Germany, and you’ve found my blog! I am in the mid of 20s and I love to relax while taking pictures. If I am not on the hunt for a good photography, I am studying International Management, working in the financial sector and I am a freelancing marketing adviser. Well I have some google+ profiles about German politics and a Instagram channel but I prefer to separate my passion and my relaxing things with my stressful life. Well that’s why we are here right now. I post some tips for photography beginners and write about my experiences with lens, cameras, equipment, and travel’s and so on…. A click on follow doesn’t hurt anyone.

I like to travel a lot but there are enough grey places on the map to discover them.

By the way please be gentle with me I am new here for some functions I need a bit more time 😉

I run every morning a short distance of 2.5 kilometers up to 5.0 kilometers to get more productive and stay health, it doesn’t work if you do not watch what you eat. So eat clean, train dirt stay healthy. I really love eating. I lost in the last months (Jan-12-2015 till Apr-22-2015) more than 12 kg body fat just changing my habit of eating and starting with running again.  Maybe you will found me on Nike+ Running 😉

I am just posting some pictures I made. In most instances are my photo scenes the urban life, people, places, buildings etc.

I like to shoot faces while people doing everyday commodities. It’s really fascinating to see the facial expression of the photo subject  – especially if the photo subject don’t noticed the shoot. The expression of diffrent characters are what a makes a world entire.

My equipment

Advertising and sponsorship proposals can be emailed to pixelurbis@gmail.com


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