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What’s in my travel bag?

Spring and summer – traveling time but what do you should pack? That really depends on what you need and what kind of pictures do you want to take. I can’t recommend anything but I’m going to tell you what I am going to use on my city trips and vacations.


It is quite important to get a good bag for your travells. I have serval favorite bags; but in this case I’m going for the Lowepro Pro Runner BP 350 AW II. The Lowepro fits t the handluggage size of all airlines and it is light I never reached the maximum weight of the airlines for handluggage which I do when I use the 450 AW II.


Canon 5D Mark III


Canon 16-35mm f/2.8L II USM 

Canon EF 24-105 mm f/4L IS USM

Canon EF 50 mm f/1.4 USM 

Canon 70-200mm f/2.8L IS II USM 


3x Canon Battery Pack LP-E6N

12x Lexar CompactFlash 1066x 32GB

1x Manfrotto tripod MT055XPRO3 055 

1x Manfrotto Magnesium Ballhead MH054M0-Q5

1x Rodenstock Circular Polarizing Filter HR Digital CPL super MC 77mm

1x Rodenstock Circular Polarizing Filter HR Digital CPL super MC 82mm

Additional Gear

1x Lee Filter Holder (with necessary adapter rings )

1x Set of Lee Resin ND Filters 0.3 , 0.6 , 0.9 Soft

1x Set of Lee Resin ND Filters 0.3 , 0.6 , 0.9 Hard

1x Rogue FlashBender 2 Large

3x Speedlite Yongnuo YN-568 EX II


Update: News

Hi everybody,

It’s been a long time ago that I wrote my last entry; over 8 months. The last 8 months were pretty busy. I started a photoproject it’s called >>Bodies of Generation Y<< and I’m travelling around Europe to shoot men, women and couples; besides to my regular work and study. That’s why I didn’t have had the time to write here. Well, I’m back and I’m going to wrote on my articles again like last year. Hopefully you are going to enjoy it.

6 Tips for travel photography 6/6

Tip #6 – Take the time you need, travel slowly

I have this problem while I’m traveling all the time – time flies. To have more time plan enough time into your trips. It give you time to stay longer at places and sometimes you need time to stay at some places longer or it gives you time to revisit a place at different times of the day.

6 Tips for travel photography 5/6

Tip #5 – Take time, travel slowly 

Sometimes it can be very helpful to be flexible. On my trips I have a strictly plan what I want to see – well it’s not really working. I meet people they will show you interesting places or invite me at their homes and introduce their families and that are what counts on a photography-travel-journey! I don’t like all of these touristic tracks. I enjoy the life of the place I am. And if it’s a small flat with 8 people living there and having dinner with them; fine than show me. I will capture it on my camera and think about these impressions my whole life.

6 Tips for travel photography 4/6

Tip #4 – Know your equipment

It could be the introducing of the previous paragraph, many people don’t know what they are using. I still have a current example; Me sitting at a café in Amsterdam at channel side, there were a young couple he doesn’t know his camera and couldn’t work with his lens which was wrong for this picture of his girlfriend. But this is just one example for people who use the wrong equipment for the scene they want to shoot. Know your equipment as well as your camera and know when you can use which lens, flash etc.

6 Tips for travel photography 3/6

Tip #3 – Know your camera

It seems to be stupid, but I can’t tell you how many times I saw people trying to adjust their camera and missed a shoot or still not really better they took the auto mode because they couldn’t adjust the right ISO, shutter etc. Sometimes I think people are buying their DSLR an hour before they take off. Maybe if you have a small compact camera you can get adjust by testing it, but for a DSLR you need time to know where is which function. How you have to change ISO etc.

If you buy a DSLR you may need time, don’t buy it a few moments before you go on your trip. You should know your camera as well as the pocket of your pant.

6 Tips for travel photographer 2/6

Tip #2 – Take the pictures you need


Well you need the feeling when to take a picture and then you first should ask for a picture. I went in some crazy situation while taking pictures of people. Its good to know when is the appropriate time to take the picture. Sometimes you should first make some contact. Try to get in contact in the country language with “hello” or “may I take a picture of you?” the people will be thankful, but it can destroy the scene. Think about and get the feeling when to say hello and when you just shoot them.

6 Tips for travel photographer 1/6

Tip #1 – The golden hour


These hours are called golden because that are the hours surrounding sunrise and sunset. It can be very beautiful pictures even if your scene isn’t really famous. Just try it out; you have to search for a good place. There are many people who prefer to shoot in sunrise and sunset time, on mutual photograph social media platforms people are posting their sunrise and sunset pictures. Well, I like night shoots most.