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Quick and easy: Search programs in PS

In Photoshop CC 2017, Adobe launched the new In-App-Search. You can activate the search with »Strg/Cmd-F«. Within the menu bar you will find the new function below:  »Edit > Search«. You can search not only for Training and Adobe Stock, you can even more search for Tools and menu items.

I’m using this function for a few months and I’m using it plenty times. Back in the days without >>CMD-F<< each function and each filter had their own shortkey. For common used function like >>gaussian-blur<< or >>diffuse masking<< I still use the shortcuts, but more and more I use the search function. I just activate the “area” of Photoshop, because searching on Adobe Stock and the Tutorials would be slowing down the search progress.

You can also just search for some panels and display them. Furthermore, you can start Plug-ins from third-party providers with >>CMD-F<<.

The search function is used a total workflow accelerator, if you well-practised. Try it for a while, if you are not a completely keyboard-refusenik will you become quicker and more elegant in working with Photoshop.


Well done Facebook

This is quite stupid. I am sorry for this words but, indeed it is.

I use Facebook for several years without any problems. Of Course there were people which flag you (But who doesn’t made that experience?).

Last week, Facebook let me notice I have to update my name because it is not my Name or it is violating the terms & conditions of Facebook. Well it was my first name and my family name (abbreviated). I used this for a long long time. I don’t need Facebook just only for contacting people also for my political work and study.


I could upload my passport or id-card, but honestly Facebook – you going to suck! How many GB of data do you still want? All? I will not upload my passport or id-card. Why?

We share so many personal data (meant or unmeant), in the past our parents go to demonstrations to protect the data privacy law; and we are going to kick their a**, because we want to be “everywhere”. I would upload the id-card or the passport of mine if Facebook would be a serious company which protects the right of privacy. Facebook is not protecting, Facebook is not what Facebook has to be. Facebook develop from a social media platform like Myspace (its quiet different) to a data kraken.I will not support it any longer, not because I don’t like it, but Facebook went to be horrible. I just see what Facebook wants me to see!

I guess there are more people like me who out there and they think the same way! If Facebook doesn’t want me, I don’t need Facebook any more!

Good bye Facebook – Well done!


What’s in my travel bag?

Spring and summer – traveling time but what do you should pack? That really depends on what you need and what kind of pictures do you want to take. I can’t recommend anything but I’m going to tell you what I am going to use on my city trips and vacations.


It is quite important to get a good bag for your travells. I have serval favorite bags; but in this case I’m going for the Lowepro Pro Runner BP 350 AW II. The Lowepro fits t the handluggage size of all airlines and it is light I never reached the maximum weight of the airlines for handluggage which I do when I use the 450 AW II.


Canon 5D Mark III


Canon 16-35mm f/2.8L II USM 

Canon EF 24-105 mm f/4L IS USM

Canon EF 50 mm f/1.4 USM 

Canon 70-200mm f/2.8L IS II USM 


3x Canon Battery Pack LP-E6N

12x Lexar CompactFlash 1066x 32GB

1x Manfrotto tripod MT055XPRO3 055 

1x Manfrotto Magnesium Ballhead MH054M0-Q5

1x Rodenstock Circular Polarizing Filter HR Digital CPL super MC 77mm

1x Rodenstock Circular Polarizing Filter HR Digital CPL super MC 82mm

Additional Gear

1x Lee Filter Holder (with necessary adapter rings )

1x Set of Lee Resin ND Filters 0.3 , 0.6 , 0.9 Soft

1x Set of Lee Resin ND Filters 0.3 , 0.6 , 0.9 Hard

1x Rogue FlashBender 2 Large

3x Speedlite Yongnuo YN-568 EX II

Update: News

Hi everybody,

It’s been a long time ago that I wrote my last entry; over 8 months. The last 8 months were pretty busy. I started a photoproject it’s called >>Bodies of Generation Y<< and I’m travelling around Europe to shoot men, women and couples; besides to my regular work and study. That’s why I didn’t have had the time to write here. Well, I’m back and I’m going to wrote on my articles again like last year. Hopefully you are going to enjoy it.

SIRUI ET-1204 Travel Tripod Kit – Rave Reviews from DPReview!

Sirui Professional Tripods

It’s always great to see product reviews that give in-depth reports on the features, benefits and field use of tripods. And it’s extremely rewarding to have the review find your product to be of very high quality at a “very reasonable price.” Plus, to be favorably compared with a tripod that is more than twice the price, is an added bonus!

We are pleased to present the latest review from, on the SIRUI ET-1204 Carbon Fiber Tripod Kit. We have included a few excerpts from the review and suggest you see the full review at:

The SIRUI ET-1204 Travel Tripod

“The new Sirui ET-series of tripods is a budget-conscious line of travel tripods from a company already known for offering the best bang for the buck in support equipment (see our review of their K-40x ball head). What sets these ET tripods apart from other Sirui offerings…

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Fast Lens

I guess everyone knows these situations you want to take some pictures indoor and then the camera doesn’t focus or the camera needs to use the flash. I had this problem a few days ago – I was at some job they gave me the camera (Nikon) and two lenses (both of them were worse). Normally I work with my own camera but it was someone I knew and I thought okay no problem it’s just a camera. The camera was a Nikon D5300 it wasn’t bad but I’m sorry but that really sucks to work Canon_EF_24-105mm_f4L_IS_USMwith lenses that were cheap as hell. One lens was a telephoto zoom with a range of 70-300 mm f/4-5.6 and the other one was some wide-angle lens with a high number.

Honestly I just could take pictures with the telephoto in fact the other lens was to dark. And taking pictures with a telephoto indoor is like playing Jenga while an earthquake. I think everybody made experiences like I did, maybe in a Church, Museum or everywhere there it is not allowed to use flash and tripod. Than you need a fast lens with a focal length like f/1.8 or f/1.4 ; even smaller the figure less available light you need and you get keen pictures. In this case less (a low number) is more…

I take this lens to take photographs… 

inside of Churches, at home, museums and so on…

By the way I like the Canon EF 24-105 mm f/1.4

Low cost body and expensive lens

Well my daily work equipment is a Canon 70D, why? Well, I had the Canon 5D Mark II. In fairness to you I should say I loved my 5D but I was at some point to change. The noise of the 70D is bigger yes b1ut the pictures are keen. I would love the camera more if it had GPS and full-format but it is a good thing. In almost 20 years of taking photos I collected a lot of lenses. Expensive lenses and cheap lenses and all of them are good for the thing you need them. No the cheap lenses aren’t working very well. You will see they doesn’t get the keen you need in pictures. My mother said all the time >>Son why are you spending so much money for a lens?<< The answer is: A good lens is more keen and I can use it if I don’t change the system (I did it but just one time from Yashica to Canon) . That’s a fact, one of my most expensive lenses are is that well that I can work with a thousand or hundred series of canon (consumer and beginners level)  and make good pictures. Of course if you are going to say well that could works the other way around. Like a Canon EOS 5D MARK III
and a cheap lens – NAW! It will work but the results are worse you may have not the noise but the keen is somewhere but not in your picture. One of the funniest (maybe artistic waste) pictures of my (good quality for what it made out) are taken by my iPhone. The quality for zoom is bad the noise is awful but in resolution of 100% it is good and its working… You need acamera and a lens that fitted to your requirements and skills not a camera that just fitted to your wallet (in both way). I saw so many people walking around with high camera models and low lenses that I feel that bad to write my one view on that thing.